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Through BLOOD (from the blisters on my feet pounding the streets of London looking for a manufacturer), SWEAT (from sitting in front of a business manager for the first time aged 40!) and TEARS(from when I presented what I thought was my business plan to my Dragon Den-ish husband.)
Croft International is a long established estate agency based in a prime London location. Over the years we have proved to be one of the leading London estate agents, enjoying a tremendous amount of success in both the local and international property markets. We specialise in the sale and rental of prime properties in central London and throughout the South of France and Dubai.
As ZADMIN Ltd, we are manufacturers of Marble & Granite - exporters and importers of Marble, Granite, Tiles, Porcelain, Ceramic, and Mosaic...UK Company. 
With more than 15 years of experience at hand, we wish to share our knowledge with you and help you improve your lifestyle by the best quality, perfect finishing and high end lifestyle with a reasonable cost.
SANDY'S the Corsican Pizzeria is now the first established Corsican restaurant in the UK. Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean sea which is also known as the Island of Beauty. The food of Corsica can best be defined as a fusion of the French and Italian cuisines, due to its close geographical positions with the two countries.
Aragorn Group
Aragorn Group is a dynamic and hard working company, dedicated to providing effective and creative consultancy and media sales solutions to its clients. 
SCN Group
SCN Group is a construction company based in south west London. This project has included the updates, project gallery and graphic design.
Xtreme Bimmerc Cars
Xtreme Bimmerc Cars was funded in 2004 in Brentford. As a mechanic workshop we have seen the need to develop more our knowledge in order to offer a better service to our clients.
With more than 25 years of experience, Libanhome is well known as one of the most reputable real estate management in Lebanon. Our company has served Thousands of clients from all over the world and has earned worldwide reputation for excellence in real estate market.
Le Meilleur
In just a short spell of time the LE MEILLEUR was established in 2003 and has earned a reputation over the last year years as a dedicated provider of catering and related management services for clients. Le Meilleur has experienced substantial growth throughout every sector of the company, and it has expanded and adapted to meet the changing circumstances of the catering industry while satisfying the demands of an international customer base.
Yara Group
Light determines our sight, our senses and the atmosphere of a room!

For over the past decade, we at Yara Group Co strive for choosing and collecting pieces of arts known as "chandelier" , where elegance , harmony , stylish design , colours , proportions and premium materials combine altogether and make our collection as unique and fascinating. 
SOGETIM is a real estate brokerage firm located in Downtown Beirut – Martyre Square – Azarieh Bldg. 
Thai Island Beauty & SPA
Thai Island is exclusive and luxurious. The Thai décor is muted, yet treatments and hydrotherapy facilities are state-of-the-art. Our 100% pure essential oils and herbs will soothe away the stress of modern life and dissolve impurities, under the gentle fingers of our Thai therapists who are highly trained in ancient skills. The benefits to body and mind will become obvious from the moment they begin
Delphes Eng
Founded in 1997 by a group of Lebanese engineers, "Delphes s.a.r.l" is proud of the reputation we have earned in the electromechanical engineering field for quality services and client satisfaction. 
Dray Clinic
Dray Clinic is an independent dental practice offering an extensive variety of dental services for its patients. 
Combat Lebanon
Combat-Lebanon Public Health, one of the best Pest Control companies in the region, is a well established company that can handle hygiene, sanitation, and pest management.
PEER International Consultants is a leading structural design consultancy firm providing world-class services to Archtiects, Developers & Contractors.
The Professionals LB
The Professionals is a contracting firm serving clients with a special human touch. 
Saimoua for Energy Systems (SES©) provides comprehensive energy solutions for
homeowners, businesses, and government entities that assist them in cutting down utility bills, reducing
environmental impacts, and increasing energy reliability and independence.
The continuously increasing demand of energy, and increasingly limited natural resources challenge
homeowners, energy suppliers, and industry to rethink how to produce and use energy. Energy
production, energy smart use and energy saving are the three keys to address energy problems effectively.
SES© provides suitable hybrid systems (wind/solar) as solutions to homeowners and businesses. This is done
through studying the geographic location, energy consumption and needs, installing suitable guaranteed hybrid
systems to supply firms with electricity, and providing advice on the plans to follow so electricity can be available
at all times and used most efficiently.
Innovative Solutions International SARL (ISI), Commercial Register no. 1016444, was established by a group of professionals of various fields. 
EEE Group is specialized in the electromechanical contracting field. 
Connectors offer best, fast & accurate air, land and sea freight services with maximum facilities and on schedule in order to satisfy your shipping needs. 
Bimarcthec from London to Erbil and Lebanon, the ultimate unique and friendly car servicing.
Bio Medical Works
Biomedical Works is a family owned and operated company. It was established in 2004 as a multi-vendor provider of clinical laboratory & medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and laboratories
Quick Web Shop
Quick Web Shop is a convergence between technology and daily human needs. Our main aim is to provide a fast service to users accessing our online shopping system:
Get it Quick in one Click
Kamal Sarieddine
Beirut Talent is a Lebanese management consulting & recruiting firm established in Beirut Lebanon 
The purpose of Pharma Marketing & Services is to improve the Well Being of the Lebanese Community through the marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products, food supplements, personal care products and cosmetics.
Itani Twist Tie
Is a family owned company located in Beirut, Lebanon. Founded in 1969 by Mostafa S. Itani, it started as a manufacturer of food machinery.

In 1980, this family business was continued by sons Imad and Issam Itani. With an innovated mind set and wide engineering background, Itani brothers succeeded in expanding the scope of their business to include food machinery, bread ovens industry, in addition to several plastic products.

Akkary Group
Akkary Group is a market leader delivering world-class integrated engineering through the build disciplines of Electrical solutions.
BB Insurance
Our Line of insurance Business is : Motor, Marine, Medical, Fire, Burglary, Personal Accident, Travel, Workmen's Compensation, Credit Properties All Risk, Engineering, Contracting, etc…. and are backed also by the best rated insurance and reinsurance companies in Lebanon and abroad.
Municipality of Aammiq (Chouf) is located in the Kaza of Chouf one of Mohafazah of Mount-Lebanon kazas (disticts). Mohafazah of Mount-Lebanon is one of the eight mohafazats (governorates) of Lebanon. It's 52 kilometers (32.3128 mi) away from Beyrouth (Beirut) the capital of Lebanon. It's elevations is of 530 meters (1) (1738.93 ft - 579.608 yd) above sea level. Aammiq (Chouf) surface stretches for 197 hectares (1.97 km² - 0.76042 mi²)(2).
Welcome to Habchi Aouad Habka (HAH) official website. This website was created in order keep all HAH family members updated to all news, projects and events of the League. Websites are primary necessity in social and business life, as a fast, cheap and efficient mean for communication in between local and members abroad. For this reason, HAH has created a bi-language website (English and Arabic) to achieve its objectives and remove all boundaries in between its members.
Aure Amana is the first Hausa matrimonials and weddings services site currently available.